What you choose to wear to an interview, whether it's with a recruiter or directly with an employer, you are creating an immediate perception of yourself. The outfit, make up and hairstyle you choose are all critical in ensuring you are presenting yourself as the best candidate to hire. 

žBelow are some of out tips for making a positive impact in your next interview. If you're ever in doubt, feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced Consultants - we're here to help. 

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We recommend having a specific outfit for interviews. When applying or working in a corporate environment you must be 'suited and booted’; if you are working in a creative environment smart business is generally suitable. If in doubt of what is, or isn't, appropriate - just ask your consultant.

  • Corporate means a suit set with pumps or smart business shoes. You can switch out the suit for a blazer with work appropriate dress if preferred.

  • Smart Business means a business skirt or pants with a good blouse or shirt and smart pumps or shoes.

  • Creative means you have more freedom in an interview but still needs to be smart. This means you still can’t rock those summer sandals or crinkled cotton tee, and definitely no denim. 

They say you can judge a person by what's on their feet; which means in interview you need your choice of shoe to sing your praises.


Shoes must be clean, polished and scuff free. Toes should be covered so peep-toe heels and open sandals should be avoided.  If you are wearing heels be careful to wear a comfortable heels - tottering on unsteady feet, or bandaged blisters should be avoided.


Don't worry if your chosen shoes aren't exactly what you like to wear day-to-day, once you've killed it in the interview and accepted a new role - you'll have more flexibility. 

Accessories are a great way to finish an outfit. Keep these understated and classy - a good watch, fine jewellery or a smart tie are perfect. 


For the purpose of your interview keep oversized or jaggly earrings, piercings, necklaces and rings at home. 

Keep any make-up neutral and well applied. If you like a pop of colour than a great red or pink lipstick will never go amiss. Eye-make up in particular should be no more complex than a basic day-time smokey eye ideally. 


Fragrance and Cologne is a great touch but should be applied sparingly and not right before you walk through the doors. 


Hair should always be washed and styled - be careful not to go overboard with hairspray or gel. Keep the style simple and easy to manage in the lead up to your interview. If in doubt a smart bun or slicked back ponytail will be your lifesaver. 



Although it's better to be the best dressed interviewee, than the worst - the most important thing is to ensure you have prepped on the role and company well in advance.


You can have on the slickest outfit , but if you can't answer the basics, it won't make a difference. 


Enjoy your interview and don't allow yourself to stress over the perfect outfit.


Take pride in yourself and go into each interview with confidence.