Three Years Old!

Oh how time fly’s when you are having fun!It is Talent Connects 3rd Birthday – we remember so vividly our first day back in 2011 arriving at the serviced offices where we would start this journey. We started just how we intended to continue, with a job called in on our first day and a lovely lunch to celebrate the “opening of the doors” and what we envisaged Talent Connect to become.

Over the past 3 years we have achieved many milestones and through being true to our values and ethos to be the best business support agency in Sydney & operate with honesty and integrity always, we have established a brand and have employees to be proud of.

Not only have both founders’ Felicity & Jenna found love and got married in this time; Jenna is now expecting her first child and proving that with a solid support system – women can balance work and family and create the life they want.

For our 3rd Birthday we are launching “Talent Connects Little Black Book” Your complete guide to finding and keeping your dream job. This is designed specifically for our Talent as a pocket-sized resource to do just what the title says.

Too often the recruitment process is described by talent as daunting and a hurdle that they stumble at before getting in front of the client. We invest in our talent. We see them as our biggest asset and work with our talent to ensure that they are having a positive experience throughout the process. Whether we are the agency that ends up placing them or not, the aim is that whoever is interviewing the talent, is blown away by them.

If you know of any exceptional talent that you would like to refer to us please make contact with one of our team today or go to our website and connect with Beth our Talent Manager.

Felicity and Jenna would like to take this opportunity to THANK each and every client, talent, supplier, family member, friend, competitor & supporter for continuing to teach us how to be better and keeping the fire burning to push us to do great work.

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