Good Vibes for the Christmas Season

With Christmas around the corner, it’s easy to find yourself sucked into the superficiality of the season. Before you know it you’re staring down the barrel of gifts that need to be bought, wrapped and sent, family get-togethers, and far too many “catch ups” and party invites to stay sane.

To help counteract the “Grinch Effect” we through we’d send some good vibes your way with these tips for a more meaningful holiday season!

Reframe your thinking

Instead of thinking negatively about your growing to-do list, or the family dinner that will likely end with a tipsy spat between uncles – and take on an attitude of love, thankfulness, and abundance. Enjoy the time spent with friends and family, remember how lucky you are to have the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones!

Know your goals

Set yourself up for success and joy this season by knowing what you want to achieve as you celebrate. It might be to spend more time with family, to volunteer with a charity in your area, or perhaps to just relax and take care of yourself.


Spend some time down memory lane. Take the time to reflect on your best memories of Christmas’ past. What are your favourite moments from your childhood? How about last year? Why are those memories so special to you?

Build Traditions

Do you have traditions? What traditions can you create that bring your favourite parts to the season together? Start now - you’ll thank yourself as it grows year after year.

Be Present

The simple practice of mindfulness allows you to truly experience the magic of every moment this Christmas. Focusing on being present helps to alleviate stress and fully engage in the joyfulness around us. Take a deep breath and look around you.

Let your light shine

Look for every opportunity to bring love, happiness and laughter this season. You can never have too much Christmas spirit!

Take Care of Yourself

First and foremost this year, look after your personal wellbeing. It’s easy to say yes to everything and find yourself exhausted and sick at the end. Even with the best intentions, the Christmas season can drain the best of us. Take the time out each day to practice mindfulness and mediation. Be conscious of what you put into your body – eat well, enjoy your rest and exercise.

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