Job vs Career: A New Mindset

The old mentality of ‘a job for life’ is now something of the past but it doesn’t stop us from asking , “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most people nowadays will hold many different jobs throughout their career. The increased pressures to increase company efficiency and to give employees more differentiation and opportunity means that you could hold a wide variety of titles by the time you retire. Belonging to one company for life is something that no longer exists with the majority of people leaving a company within 5 years.

Your career is no longer a straight forward and simple path, but more an intricate maze with hidden passages and unexpected turns. The active job-seeker market is filled with people, generally, who are only looking for work when they are unemployed or discontented in their current role. They move on to the next job, to the next employer and work to make progress, develop their role, then…they become discontent and the process starts again.

The problem with this is the mindset behind it; that the job is a means to an end. It pays the bills, maybe a bit extra but there is no forethought of the long-term or in what direction you’re heading. Eventually, what you’re left with is a series of isolated jobs that have probably been deeply unfulfilling. This is why the singular ‘job’ mindset just doesn’t work anymore.

What we should be doing is viewing each new role you take on, each new contract you’re assigned and every new project you engage in as a crucial milestone in directing your career path. You utilise your skill set, gain new expertise, expand your network and stay relevant in the workplace. The focus here is on delivering value, developing your knowledge-base and being ready for the next interesting opportunity.

Your career path is in your hands. You call the shots. It is self-directed and strategic, aligned to your values and you alone have the ability to choose who you want to work for and what projects you want to be a part of.

What is your passion?

It doesn’t matter if your answer is an assortment of responsibilities that you would never think could be tied into one single role. It’s a starting point. Once you know what you love doing the hardest part is over. Go and see a recruiter who specialises in the field you’re interested in and ask for advice. They may know of certain industries and roles that could encompass a majority of your skills and passions.

Resource: The Job Mindset Vs. The Career Mindset. Which One Do You Need to Succeed?

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