First Impressions Count

So you’ve landed yourself an interview – maybe it’s through a Consultant like myself, perhaps through a friend of a friend who passed your details along – however for even the most confident among us, interviewing can be a daunting prospect. Here’s a few tips to help set yourself up to win the interviewer over;

Don’t be late

Even better, be early! Arrive 5-10 minutes before your interview time, this allows you time to make your way to reception, wipe the sweat from your brow and scope out the environment before being hustled into the interview room.

If you are running late, no thanks to matters outside your control, make sure you call ahead to notify your consultant, or direct contact; with plenty of notice!


Always be the best dressed in the room – hair needs to be smart, fresh and styled, shoes should be scuff free, work appropriate, and naturally clothing should be clean, lint free and crinkle free.

Adjust your style accordingly – if you’re interviewing in corporate, you’re not going to rock the same outfit as a creative agency.

  • Corporate means a suit set with pumps or smart business shoes. You can switch out the suit for a blazer with work appropriate dress if preferred.

  • Smart Business means business skirt or pants with a good blouse or shirt and smart pumps or shoes.

  • Creative means you have more freedom in an interview but still needs to be smart. This means you still can’t rock those summer sandals or crinkled cotton tee.

Don’t worry about being overdressed! You don’t want to risk being the “sloppy” one out of your interviewee competitors!

It’s all about attitude

When it comes to confidence, you need to operate in a "fake it till you make it" mindset. Unless you're one of those rare bird types who are naturally confident, in which case move to the next point.

  • Remember confidence isn't the same as arrogance

  • Make the first move: when your interviewer comes out introduce yourself, be the first one to reach a hand out to shake.

  • Body language; make eye contact, don't fiddle, walk with purpose, don't slump

Be prepared

Prep, prep, prep. Research the company, competitors, the management team, your interviewer - I can't stress enough how detrimental not being able to answer the basic "So what do you know about our company?" question will be.

Be prepared with what you physically bring; don't drag along a big handbag you have to juggle and leave the coffee cup or muesli bar in the bin outside.

Be nice to everyone and anyone

Treat the receptionist or the person who shared a lift with you, with the same level of respect as the CEO. Best believe that receptionist is going to give her feedback.

Plus always better to start off on the right foot if they'll be taking your calls and helping you post that urgent package one day.

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