December is the perfect time to find a new job

December Jobs

When everything is supposed to wind down, people often put off trying to find a new job in December. So why are you telling me that December is a good time to find a new job? Well, actually there are many reasons why you shouldn’t let the Silly Season deter you from trying to find the right job. So, we’ve put a few of our top reasons to consider keeping your job search going during December below:

  1. Lot’s of industries LOVE to hire new staff over December and Christmas. Think retail, hospitality and tourism, etc. They are booming in December. This is their busiest time of the year and while it might only be short term, there are plenty of opportunities and perks from taking on temporary and casual summer jobs. Extra money of course! But also, experience on your CV, and an opportunity to network. A lot of casual staff tend to be transient and don’t always intend to leave a lasting impression. This could be your opportunity to stand out and really shine to a future employer. Let them get to know you and what you can offer, especially if you have more experience to offer to that company.

  2. The competition are all off on holidays and enjoying the party season. Seize the day! Companies are still hiring. They still need to replace roles and even though business might shut down for a week or two, the wheels don’t stop moving in the recruitment process. Especially if there is a seat to fill and headcount needed. This could be the perfect time to step up and take on a role you might be slightly less experienced for. While some other candidates who might usually pip you at the post are nowhere to be seen. You can put your hand up and let the hiring manager know you are ready for a challenge.

  3. Companies have headcount to fill before the end of the calendar year. Many larger organisations might be nearing the end of their headcount positions and they have to bring on staff before the year finishes. If they don’t hire before the end of the year, they might lose that headcount in January. This could be an opportunity to find newly created roles in a large corporate that is otherwise quite difficult to get into.

  4. Even on the quiet days you can still be proactive. If the new jobs aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like to see on Seek and other job sites, take the time to review your plan. How is your CV looking? Can you make some improvements? What about your LinkedIn profile, is that optimised to be found for the role you want? You should also go through your existing network and reach out. Wish them a Happy Christmas but also let them know you are looking for your next opportunity. With the normal busyness of day to day work, whilst trying to find a job, these little but important details can sometimes be forgotten. So make the most of the quieter days and keep being proactive in your job search.

  5. Get social. There is never a better time than to get out to those social events and network. Everyone is in the festive spirit and this is the perfect time to meet new people. Go to those recruiter drinks, meet other candidates, meet the broader recruitment team. Staying front of mind with recruiters is very important. The more they know you, the easier it is for them to rave to a client about you. It is also more likely you will spring to a recruiters mind for a role (even when you are no longer looking) if you’ve established a solid relationship. At these corporate Christmas drinks, you will have opportunities to network with people whom you may otherwise not meet. Be it potential hiring managers, people who work in like-minded roles at competitors or other candidates who might have some insider info on other companies. Make sure you are putting yourself out there and networking (but keep it professional and watch your don’t want to leave the wrong lasting impression).

Christmas time is always going to be a little slower for new jobs. But it can also be the perfect time to start your job search and if you are already under way for looking for a new job - don’t stop just because it is December. You never know what opportunities are around the corner. There is nothing like making every day and month of the year count!!

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