Top 5 Reasons People Change Jobs

It’s a given in today’s workforce that people change jobs. As the new year rolls in, many people will start the year with plans to change jobs. New Year = new beginnings. This isn’t always ideal for businesses who are looking to retain staff and minimise turnover.

There are a multitude of reasons that drive these changes but there is a definite few that we hear of time and time again. Some of these are unavoidable, but for many businesses and hiring managers, some of these decisions to change jobs can be prevented and managed.

We’ve pulled together a list of the top reasons people give as to changing jobs. By being aware of what is driving the decisions for change, you might be better able to anticipate and where you want to, prevent that change from happening.


Most candidates who come to us want an increase in their pay in the next role. The sad reality is, for many candidates, they feel it is easier to find a new job than to ask for a pay rise.

We recommend keeping the conversation regarding remuneration and salary open and ongoing. Manage your employees’ expectations but also be aware of what they want and need. It is costly to lose an employee and rehire. It is cheaper to focus on the talent you already have, even if it costs you in the short term by way of a Christmas bonus or small salary increase.

Career Progression

Many people want to be moving forward in their careers. This can be by way of seniority/title, experience, more money, learning new skills, etc. You need to be working with your employees to understand what they want from their career, what is driving them. Work towards identified goals with your employees. If you are not working towards the same goals, they will find somewhere else they can achieve this.

From time to time, you might not be able to offer your employee a lifetime career as their goals surpass what you can offer them. However, you can set out a plan that means you are both on the same page and both commit to working together for a period of time. You will also know when the time nears that you need to start looking at a succession plan.

The Boss

This can be a tough one as it may need you to turn inwards and reflect. However, people changing jobs because of their boss is a very common motivator. If you are having a high staff turnover, perhaps it is time you review your management style and approach? There may be some simple communication strategies you can put in place or look at some management training which helps resolves the issues.

Work/Life Balance

A major trend in the current job market is to find a job that allows you flexibility and a work life balance. Be it working from home, a shorter working week or flexible hours. These are becoming very important to employees and people will actively seek roles that will provide them with these options. What can your team or company offer to attract and retain top talent that want this work / life balance?

The Team

We often have candidates come to us looking to change jobs as there has been a breakdown in the team. Whatever the reasons may be, keeping your team on the same page and collectively working well together is vital to retaining your employees and ensuring the optimum team performance. Team management, team bonding as well as overall communication can be a deal breaker for people and drive them to find a new role.

There are endless reasons why people start to look for a new job. For some it is as simple as needing a job closer to home or different hours. But for many employers, losing and hiring staff is not only costly for the business but can be detrimental to overall staff morale. In many instances when we meet candidates, a simple tweak at their current role would mean they would happily stay on.

If you have fabulous staff you want to retain, make sure you are regularly communicating with them and make sure you are not overlooking any of the above possibilities!

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