Taking the next step in your career and need help?

As the Talent Resoucer at Talent Connect Australia I wanted to share some useful tips to help you when applying and interviewing for roles.

1. Resume: Is it up to date? Your resume is the first impression you get to showcase your experience, so it needs to be immaculate. Reading a resume that states “great attention to detail” with lots of spelling mistakes is a big “no no”. Consistency is key, so be sure to choose a font that is easy for the hiring manager to read. I recommend times new roman, size 12 in black is classy and remember to have headings the same size. I would list a minimum of 6 duties and responsibilities for each role, keeping the most recent experience to the top. Cut the fluff! There is no need to list everything you did in your previous role. Be smart and identify the skills you will need for the role you are applying for and add this to your resume as this is what the hiring manager will be scanning for.

2. Interviewing:

Regardless if it’s your first or tenth interview this week, it’s always very daunting. So, preparation and knowing your resume is key. As a resourcer I will run through candidates past experiences and ask behavioural based questions. This helps to assess candidate’s communication skills, better understand previous work experience and get a feel for who the candidate is, which is not something you can pick up on a resume. To prepare for this I would suggest you practise with a friend, okay you might find it slightly embarrassing, but it does the trick and practice makes perfect! Do your research. When attending an interview, understanding what the company does is imperative but researching what is happening in the industry through current news articles shows enthusiasm and that you are really interested in the job opportunity. Don’t forget to showcase your personality and always remember to be honest.

3. Dress for Success:

What you decide to wear for an interview, whether it’s with a recruiter or an employer is very important. As soon as you walk through the office doors you are creating an immediate perception of who you are, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. I suggest to candidates’ corporate business attire. This means a suit set and smart business shoes or switching out the suit for a blazer with work appropriate dress if you prefer. Always remember to iron your clothes, you might think they don’t look wrinkled but its best to press them. If in doubt about what to do with your hair a smart bun or slicked back ponytail is always a life saver.

I hope these tips help prepare you for your next interview. Always remember to be yourself, everyone else is taken.

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