Our clients view temporary staff as a strategic way to optimise their organisational structure and budgets - meaning it's no longer about "filling a seat", but about factoring in peak demands, project requirements and upcoming initiatives to ensure the business has the right balance of talent.

Clients will call on our expertise in finding the perfect talent to fit the organisation's needs and culture, whether it be to assist in covering sick leave, annual leave, impending projects or to introduce specialised skills not currently held by permanent employees. 


Temporary work offers our talent a flexible and balanced approach to work. Some of our talent are career temps who enjoy the work-life balance and the variety in the world of temping, others are seeking short-medium length assignments while travelling, seeking permanent work or even just taking a moment to discover their next step. 

Many talent develop successful careers as professional temps, while others discover a world of opportunity.

Develop Skills and Industry Knowledge

Stepping into a new role or environment will allow you to stretch your legs and try new jobs, learn new processes and software, and gain a strong understanding to the organisation and industry.

Build your Network

Not only will you have the opportunity to build relationships with various professionals and industry contacts, you will be able to demonstrate your work ethic and abilities. Many temps discover doors will open through their time in temporary assignments. 

Great Hourly Rates

Temporary Assignments offer a higher hourly rate than the permanent equivalent; this helps to balance out the lack of accrued leave, sick leave or access to bonuses in most temporary assignments.

A Balanced Work-Life

Working as a temp allows the flexibility to pick and choose the right assignment for you. Whether you want shorter hours, particular days or length of assignment - you can decide which assignments suit your needs.  


Before deciding if Temporary work is right for you, it is important to understand that temping requires flexibility, resilience and adaptability. You will be entering into different roles, environments and industries that will often challenge you to step up and take on new tasks and learn new skills.


Temporary work is ever changing with assignments often extending out, or leading to new opportunities. Communication with your Consultant is key to allow us to best assist you with your job needs. In an ever-changing market there will occasionally be time between assignments so the ability to keep in touch and advise us of any changes is important. With a strong market currently, temps find they can move from assignment to assignment with ease. 


Before you begin your first assignment with Talent Connect, make sure you have completed the following - you will receive an email from your Consultant with the details of your assignment.


Don't forget, our Consultants and Talent Manager are available to help you with any questions you might have. 


Have you filled in your Bank Account, Super Fund and TFN details correctly in the Talent Portal?



Check the assignment location and best route to get there with plenty of time on public transport, foot or by car. 



Is the role Smart Business or Corporate? If in doubt, check out our guide to workwear here

Stay Safe in the Workplace

Remind yourself of the Occupational Health & Safety information on the Talent Portal - more info can be found here


All timesheets need to be submitted by Friday 9pm every week to ensure you are paid on time. 


Food & Drink

Check out the location online before heading in - don't forget to pack lunch if you're not 100% sure there's a store nearby.