Discover more about how Talent Connect can assist you, tips for your job search, market information, resume tricks and tips for temporary talent to maximise your hunt for the perfect role. 


Building relationships and connecting with trustworthy recruitment consultants is an important part of your job search. A good recruiter will be able to work with you across ​a number of opportunities, taking the time genuinely understand your motivations and needs. 

We don't cost a thing   The only cost is taking time to sit down with us and have an open and honest conversation around your job search. 

We provide you high-level service and genuinely want to find you the right role    Our clients trust us to find them great talent. Providing you with exceptional service benefits not only the you but ourselves and our Clients. We would be doing ourselves a disservice to place the wrong person knowingly into a role. Our Talent are our greatest way to show the world what we do.

We build strong relationships with our clients and have exclusive access to roles      Our job is to know our clients inside and out - they trust us and we trust them. We will more often than not work exclusively on opportunities as soon as our clients need them. They don't have the time to advertise, screen 100+ resumes, conduct phone screens and then set up interviews - especially when they needed someone in the role yesterday - and that is where we come in.


We consolidate the number of times your referees are contacted   Most of the time we will be able to work with you on a number of roles across our clients. Because of this we only need to conduct each reference check once - saving time for everyone. 

We know the market   Our job is to understand and consult on the market and it's intricacies for both our Talent and Clients alike. We can assist you with salary advice, market level benchmarks, what to do to secure a higher wage, industry growth information. Our job is to be consultants so go ahead and ask the questions. 

We can find your dream job even when you're not actively searching   If you aren't seeking to leave your current role immediately, but know what you want the perfect next step to be, let us know. We can keep our ear to the ground on your behalf and will often know when your dream job is just around the corner before the role even goes live. 


  1.    Genuinely let us get to know you - this makes all the difference

  2.    Give us time - it takes more than a 10 minute phone screen or interview to        know you, give us the time to find out everything we need

  3.    Be transparent about yourself and your job search

  4.    We will give you feedback, it's also important to let us know previous feedback    received

  5.    Be available - let us know if you're going to be out of touch for any reason so      you don't miss out on the perfect role

  6.    Listen to us, allow us to instruct you and give you the best tips - after all we        know what our client will be keeping an eye out for in interview


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